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Surprisingly, nearly 20 percent of the people of this country have a criminal record. Whether it is as DUI, a theft, drug, or even a more serious offense. There are many who have a criminal record, yet have moved on to live productive lives that have been meaningful. They have made a great contribution to society and have become productive members of society.

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However, there are many who do not care about this. All they see is that someone has a criminal record and that is all they care about it. This can mean that a person may find that they are not going to get certain kinds of jobs, or that people they have gotten to know have made a judgment about them based upon that record and that they may never hear from those people again.

The saddest part about this is that the person with the criminal record may not really think this should matter, because it was 10 years ago or more, and may have actually put the entire incident behind them. Others are not willing to be so compassionate, however.

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This is why it pays to do a background check of yourself to see if there is anything you should worry about. You can go to and do an arrest record search on your own criminal record to see what would show up if someone were to do a search of you. This may lead you to discuss your past with employers or people you have met just in case they may judge you about it. Sometimes if you are frank about things like this up front people are a lot more understanding and you can dispense with the matter quickly. Otherwise, you may never get the chance to explain yourself. It pays to be proactive, sometimes.

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